As an owner of weights, you are responsible for ensuring that your weights are used for the purposes for which they are suitable. The weight displayed must be accurate so that consumers pay the correct price for the product(s), produced by you.


Multicheck offers reverification including testing of the accuracy of the weight. The weight will be verified, calibrated, labelled and, finally, sealed with a verification mark. We have well-trained measuring inspectors who will perform the reverification. We offer reverification either as part of servicing or as part of a calibration agreement where the reverification replaces the traceable calibration in the year when it is due. The entire process will be monitored through Multicheck’s database, ensuring that you meet the requirements of the Danish Safety Technology Authority.

Our service is based on professionalism and versatility: Whatever you choose, we have technicians who perform servicing, prepare the weight for verification and complete it with a reverification.


As of 1 July 2018, new rules on the verification of weights have come into force but, if used for purchase and sale, your weights must still be verified, labelled and sealed. Previously, legislation required that weights used in sales were to be reverified at intervals of up to a maximum of four years or in case of a seal being broken. However, this legislation was amended as at 1 July 2018 by Executive Order BEK 591 of 29 May 2018. Pursuant to BEK 591 of 29 May 2018, there is no longer a requirement for the reverification weights used in sales every four years when a seal has been broken or when it has been ascertained that the weight no longer weighs correctly. Furthermore, it is also the responsibility of the owner of a weight to ensure that the weight or weights used do not exceed the tolerance for use, which must be ensured by establishing controls based on measurably traceable measurements.

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