Traceable Quality System

In order for consumers to ascertain whether their medications are authorised, pharmaceutical products must be accurately labelled with identification features that distinguish the products from counterfeit goods. This is exactly what our Track & Trace ensures. By way of example, with our Track & Trace pharmacists are able to clearly and safely identify products and track the transport of all packages from start to finish which, together with a tamper-evident closure creates safety and confidence between the consumer and the manufacturer.


Auxiliary code printing and ultra-fast inspection of bottles and vials.
TQS-SP-Bottle prints and verifies bottles and vials. Printing is carried out using a CIJ printer either underneath or at the top of the bottle or capped vial (visible only under UV light, if required). The machine will then check the previously serialised bottle or capped-vial label.

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Easy-to-use serialisation for use in cramped locations.
TQS-SP (single packs) is a user-friendly solution for serialising individual boxes.
The folded boxes are led onto an especially designed, double-headed top belt, ensuring stable positioning on leaving the carton machine.

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Serialisation for bottles and capped vials.
The perfect product handling using a star wheel makes the TQS-LI-Bottle an obvious solution for serialising individual bottles.

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Have serialisation and weight inspection tailored to your needs with the TQS-HC-A.
The TQS-HC-A has standard features from the TQS-SP in terms of product handling and serialisation but expands on these features with a final total control using a checkweigher.

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The most compact all-in-one serialisation machine in the world.
Mislabelled products will be rejected before reaching the weighing conveyor and sorted into a separate, lockable container. Products of the wrong weight will be sent into a different sorting container just after the weighing conveyor. The intuitive operation of all components is conveniently and centrally organised in a single user interface, which means that all system components are controlled directly, quickly and easily via one software interface without switching between multiple programs.

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Have professional, reliable inspection for semi-automatic aggregation with the TQS-CP-Bottle.
The TQS-CP-Bottle is designed for perfect integration into bottle or capped-vial production lines. The system can be set up directly at the output of any conventional labelling machine to verify the previously serialised labels on individual cylindrical containers via rotary 360º inspection.

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Have perfect semi-automated aggregation for shipping boxes and pallets.
The TQS-CP is a semi-automated aggregation system for packed boxes. The system makes it possible to combine the serial numbers from multiple individual packages or bundles with a unique serial number on the shipping box and on the pallet.

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Have professional, flexible and simple aggregation with the TQS-BP.
The TQS-BP (bundle packs) is perfectly equipped for simple implementation of the first level of aggregation. The TQS-BP makes it possible to combine the serial numbers from multiple individual packages with a unique serial number for the entire bundle.

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