The global demand for medicine continues to increase and Multicheck has the solution that meets the legal requirements for serialisation and aggregation which pharmaceutical companies must follow from February 2019.

Traceable Quality System

In order for consumers to ascertain whether their medications are authorised, pharmaceutical products must be accurately labelled with identification features that distinguish the products from counterfeit goods. This is exactly what our Track & Trace ensures. By way of example, with our Track & Trace pharmacists are able to clearly and safely identify products and track the transport of all packages from start to finish which, together with a tamper-evident closure creates safety and confidence between the consumer and the manufacturer.

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Multicheck collaborates with Krämer AG from Switzerland, which for more than 40 years, have been trusted by the pharmaceutical industry for dusting, deburring and transporting tablets with the highest possible efficiency.

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Multicheck offers CEIA pharmaceutical metal detectors to efficiently, reliably and safely detect foreign bodies.

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