Multicheck delivers the best TTOs in the market, produced by Linx. With Linx’s TTO series, we offer TTOs that can print high-resolution, crisp information on film packaging, labels and many other surfaces, making these printers ideal, especially in the food/beverages and pharmaceutical industries.

Linx TT3

The Linx TT3 is the perfect solution for labelling flexible packaging materials. The printer is designed for date and batch marking on materials such as sacks and bags, especially when the marking areas are 32 x 30 mm.

The printer is very easy to use and will even save you extra costs due to its ability to continuously deliver high-quality printing. Thus, with the Linx TT3, you get easy TTOs that contribute to the increased productivity and efficiency of your production.

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Linx TT5/TT10

The Linx TT5 has a standard tape width (up to 55 mm) and is especially suitable for printing 'Use before ...', 'Best before ...' and batch codes. With its wider tape (up to 110 mm), the Linx TT10 is perfect for printing longer messages such as product contents information, logos and marketing information. Both models are ideal for a wide range of uses, especially within foods, snacks and pharma. The Linx TT5 is also available with IP55-/65-protection for use in washdown environments.

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