With Linx’s high reliability, Multicheck offers printers that can run uninterrupted in production environments and further help reduce delays due to production stoppages. The real-time reporting of these printers on production volume and line stoppages helps maximise production and, thus, increase your company’s productivity and efficiency.

Linx 8900/8910

Ease of use, productivity and efficiency in one solution: The Linx 8900 is the most user-friendly printer on the market, while offering the same high productivity and efficiency as other CIJ printers from the Linx range. The printer's smartphone-inspired screen makes message selection, set-up and printer operation faster and more transparent than ever. With the Linx 8900, you get easy self-service with minimal manual intervention, thus increasing your production uptime and, in turn, your production efficiency and productivity. The Linx 8900 can be used for both primary and secondary packaging at different speeds.

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Linx 8920

The Linx 8920 CIJ printer delivers flexible printing with up to five lines of characters with a wide range of production line speeds and fewer maintenance interventions than other CIJ printers. The Linx 8920 is designed to make your printing easier with its simple user interface via touch screen as well as unique monitoring and extended service intervals.

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Linx 8940

The Linx 8940 delivers flexible printing with up to 5 lines of print in high-speed production lines in demanding environments. With an IP65-rating, simple user interface via touch screen and fewer maintenance interventions, the Linx 8940 is designed to deliver high-quality, high-speed, low-maintenance printing.

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