Multicheck offers all types of printer solutions. We have a great deal of professional expertise in tailoring the right setup without compromising on quality.

Print & Apply

Multicheck delivers Weber application systems that automatically label your products and packaging of all kinds. Weber manufactures widely recognised and efficient applicators, meeting even the most stringent requirements in logistics and industry. Together with Weber, we also offer tailor-made solutions for your specific needs for Print & Apply. Please do contact us for a personal consultation!

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With Linx’s high reliability, Multicheck offers printers that can run uninterrupted in production environments and further help reduce delays due to production stoppages. The real-time reporting of these printers on production volume and line stoppages helps maximise production and, thus, increase your company’s productivity and efficiency.

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Multicheck delivers the best TTOs in the market, produced by Linx. With Linx’s TTO series, we offer TTOs that can print high-resolution, crisp information on film packaging, labels and many other surfaces, making these printers ideal, especially in the food/beverages and pharmaceutical industries.

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HP printers

Markoprint printers safely, easily and quickly mark absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces. Markoprint is the only manufacturer worldwide which offers centralised control of four different printing technologies and is therefore a future-proof solution. Markoprint’s flexible versatility and systems support HP, Funai, Trident and Xaar ink cartridges. These printers come with intelligent printheads as standard for monitoring ink consumption.

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With our range of Linx products, Multicheck offers you complete transparency and traceability in and on your production line at a very competitive price. Multicheck has a great deal of professional expertise with Linx and we can, therefore, offer you the most professional advice and a service that is incomparable to that offered by others in the industry. Therefore, when purchasing a Linx product, you are guaranteed quality-assured and reliable products with professional advice and service at a very affordable price.

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Multicheck delivers uppercase-character printers from Linx, offering the most cost-effective alternatives to labels and pre-printed boxes. The printers can print text, logos and various graphics on even porous surfaces such as paper, cardboard and wood.

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