Recalls and complaints give rise to huge costs and can damage a brand – just one delivery of defective products may have fatal consequences. Therefore, the quality of industrially manufactured products must be prioritised and crucial factors in maintaining high quality are x-ray and optical inspection.

We have created a very comprehensive range of x-ray equipment that will ensure the high product safety required. Supported by intelligent software and the option of optical inspection, we offer a comprehensive, wide range for different uses that cater to many production lines.


Reliable production inspection in wet areas.
The SC-WD product ranges are reliable and of a hygienic design. The series is IP69K-certified and is therefore particularly suitable for wet environments and can handle extreme cleaning conditions. The C-shaped product area, facet-cut surfaces and stainless-steel finish meet even the most stringent hygiene requirements.

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Reliable product inspection of bulk in a wet environment. The SC-WD-B model is the perfect solution if you want to ensure the quality of your raw materials or unpackaged products. This model combines a hygienic design with the advantages of the SC-B scanner, specifically designed for bulk by WIPOTEC-OCS. The inspection system has an extremely high detection sensitivity, which can be used to inspect all kinds of bulk for foreign matter.

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Checking weight and X-ray inspection in one space-saving unit.
The SC-W series is a pioneering combination of innovative X-ray technology and the renowned check weighing technology from WIPOTEC-OCS. The products are not only checked for foreign bodies but also undergo high-precision weighing. Units of incorrect weight are rejected and sorted into a separate container.

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X-ray and optical inspection in one compact unit

The SC-V model offers the most advanced inspection technology. This model combines reliable detection of foreign objects by means of X-ray and optical inspection, both developed by WIPOTEC-OCS. This model checks the product information as it appears (ingredients, nutritional content, expiration dates) for errors as to the correct position and legibility of the information on all labels and seals. Both inspection systems - X-ray and optical inspection - are combined in one space-saving design.

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Reliable inspection of filled bottles. The SC-S scanner from WIPOTEC-OCS with leak detection is especially designed for inspection of filled and sealed plastic bottles and cans on filling lines (e.g. within the food and beverage industry). The leak-proofness is measured in pressure tanks or in protective atmosphere containers. Market-relevant technology is used as determined by the application.

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Carry out compact and reliable inspection of standing products with the SC-S series. If you need to check standing products for foreign matter using X-ray and to ensure correct filling levels, the models of the SC-S series are perfect choices. Their compact, space-saving design means that they are easily integrated into your production lines, and the reliable sideview scanner thoroughly checks cans, bottles, composite packaging, paper and plastic containers. It is possible to install either a belt or a laminated conveyor for the scanner.

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X-ray scanner for integration into filling systems. The SC-I model has been developed to scan solid, viscous and liquid products in swaged and thermally formed containers. With its compact design, this groundbreaking scanner is the perfect, space-saving inspection solution (foreign body detection and filling level control) for sealed containers.

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SC-3000 I SC-4000 I SC-5000 I SC-6000

Strengthen your brand with high-class performance and great flexibility

Maximum detection accuracy and as few false positives as possible give you the highest possible security in your production. The SC product range has achieved great global success and meets even the highest standards in modern quality control and management. With its high level of safety and hygienic design, nothing has been left to chance. A high-performance camera detector equipped with HD-TDI technology ensures super-sharp, high-resolution X-ray images, providing the optimum basis for further processing with image processing software developed at WIPOTEC-OCS.

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