The best inspection in the industry: At Multicheck, you will find the best metal detectors, checkweighers and x-ray of the industry and for all types of production.


Multicheck sells detectable products from the British supplier BST Detectable Products, pioneers in this field since 1985. Today, BST has a wide product range which, over the years, has been extensively tested by customers worldwide, and BST is widely known for not compromising on quality as, ultimately, that could be crucial to whether or not the foreign body is detected.

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Recalls and complaints give rise to huge costs and can damage a brand – just one delivery of defective products may have fatal consequences. Therefore, the quality of industrially manufactured products must be prioritised and crucial factors in maintaining high quality are x-ray and optical inspection.

We have created a very comprehensive range of x-ray equipment that will ensure the high product safety required. Supported by intelligent software and the option of optical inspection, we offer a comprehensive, wide range for different uses that cater to many production lines.

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Checkweighers prevent under- and over-filling, thus reducing costs while profiling your brand on quality, reliability and precision.

Our checkweighers from German WIPOTEC impress with the utmost precision at top speeds, thus increasing efficiency and productivity. Add to this the fact that our checkweighers are easy to use with shorter induction periods and hassle-free use thanks to the simple and intuitive operation of the machines.

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CEIA metal detectors detect metallic foreign bodies that can accidentally occur in products, with a sensitivity, immunity to interference, and a reaction rate that exceeds even the most stringent quality control standards.

CEIA’s THS21 metal detection systems offer detection, quality control and reliability features that make the systems the most appropriate and efficient solution for automated elimination of metal foreign bodies in foods and other products.

CEIA’s approach to developing their metal detectors has been to implement the most advanced electronic and mechanical technologies: For this reason, CEIA can offer Surface Mount Technology (SMT), digital signal analysis, software updates and materials of extremely high quality.

CEIA’s metal detectors are fully HACCP-and GMP-compliant, ISO 9001-certified and constructed of EC- and FDA-approved materials.

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